Hello, my name is Adrienne.

corporate drone turned life enthusiast!

I spent the first 17 years of my life living as a minor, I spent the next 17 years of my life as a single parent caring for a mentally ill son.

Since leaving my dark cubical job in 2017, I have been diving deeper and deeper into self discovery. Along the path of learning about myself I discovered that I am a natural enthusiast for life. Something I once believed was out of my reach, is now my passion and obsession. I am here to help guide, support and above all else, MOTIVATE others to finding their life enthusiasm and ultimate joy in each moment!


I spent over a decade in complete misery doing exactly as I “should do”. Living in the suburbs, commuting over an hour each way to my unfulfilling corporate job. Spending the weekend running errands and taking my son to his latest event. Slowly, so slowly I didn’t even notice it was happening, I lost myself and lost my joy. Slipping deeper into depression, hopelessness and resentment. My soul is a natural extrovert, free-spirit and wild wonderer, yet pursuing my own dreams was something I was continuously told I should not do. Work hard for that one vacation per year, and that retirement that is decades away. And maybe, just maybe, the stars will align perfectly and the perfect opportunity will magically be upon you to suddenly drop it all and actually pursue your passion.

I finally got tired of waiting for things to just get better. I was lost. My life was falling apart because I was falling apart. From the inside out. Waiting to love my job, love my commute, love the suburbs and the isolated life it provided.

It finally stopped being OK to not be OK.

I took some big, bold and scary steps way out of the perceived comfort zone, and into a world of uncertainty. Leaving corporate to discover my passion, AND pursuing it, was the scariest and easiest decision I have ever made.

The road hasn’t been smooth, however the fear of returning to that old life far outweighs the fear of what untold mysteries lie ahead as I pursue my dream life.

I have NEVER looked back!