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It’s time to take control of your life.

Hey there you awesome soul!

Welcome to No B.S. Wellness! My name is Adrienne and I am so happy to share my motivational and wellness support to you! All my life I have tried to fit into “The Box”. You know the one. And it took me nearly two decades to realize, fuck the box! We are all amazingly unique and there is not a one-size-fits-all magic button.

Are you ready to take some unique steps, designed specifically for you, to help you live your absolute very best life? When we take the time to get to know ourselves, to truly know ourselves, without all the labels, generalization and straight-up bullshit we realize we are unique and that is the best thing ever!

This is the place where we figure out ourselves with honesty and no bullshit! I am bold, outspoken and straight to the point in a kind, caring and compassionate way. My passion is to share what I have learned with others and help people like you live your best life possible!!!


are you ready?


1. There is no over night magical transformation. Personal growth is work and it can be a challenge, in fact it should be. Getting to know ones self is not very pretty, but OH.M.G is it rewarding!

2. I am not claiming to have all the answers. I am not a counsellor or life coach. I am someone who has been where you are right now. And I am continuing to learn and grow each day. There is no end line. Along the way, I have learned incredibly valuable lessons and some incredible tools and insights that I would love to share with you!

3. It is 98% mind-set. If you think you can’t. You say you can’t…. you can’t. I am here for people who are no longer ok with not being ok! Attitude and thought process takes time to reformat so you definitely don’t need to be an optimistic ray of sunshine (and ew no don’t need that ever). What you need is a desire to learn, shift, grow and change.

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What is No B.S. Wellness?

What is No B.S. Wellness?

No B.S. Wellness is a straight-up, no fuss, no mess, motivational support circle of wellness.

Having spent most of my fitness/wellness years in fluffy gyms or stuck-up studios I knew I would never ever connect with the community. Instead what I found was people who were honest, authentic, unique and genuinely caring were my type of people. The words aren’t always easy to hear, and definitely over the years of training with teachers and instructors that weren’t afraid to hurt my feelings was hard sometimes, but what I found was truth and honest caring. These teachers cared so much, they spoke their truth so authentically, that yes my feelings were hurt because it turns out I had been aligning a yoga pose incorrectly for 4 years or was lifting a weight wrong, but that is when the magic happened. That is when I saw results.

As I have developed my own style I realized the exact same thing I did as a student. Walking into studios that have scripts or a persona that was not my true authentic self was not serving me. Instead, offering a clear, loving and direct teaching is what helped me connect most to my clients. I am not here to blow smoke, I am here to help you heal, learn and grow. I care too much to lie.